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Airu is all about sentimentalism, catchy melodies and a deep voice. It all began as a personal project inspired by the power of words while Irune was studying Modern Languages at university. Their debut self-produced EP Honestly came out in the summer of 2018. The two songs which featured in it, 'The Centre Cannot Hold' & 'You Cut Like Corn' referenced a literary work (The Second Coming, W. B. Yeats) and cinematographic artwork (Tom à la ferme, Xavier Dolan). 

In 2020 they put out Do It for the Catharsis (Snap! Clap! Club), an EP that the band almost entirely recorded and produced, which was then followed by two new singles in 2021. These were edited by Barcelona based label Snap! Clap! Club and French label Hidden Bay on a 7” vinyl: ‘Con las ventanas tan grandes me da vergüenza mirar’ and ‘Voy tan deprisa’

“Off-kilter, skeletal yet highly suggestive new single with reverb-strewn, emotional guitar strings that reverberates and shimmers in the background, amidst scattered off-tempo drum beats and vaguely tense deep bass pulsations, to create a suspended and hypnotic background to the sour and penetrating, at the same time gripping and heartfelt, intriguingly powerful commanding vocals, swaying nostalgically through a surreal journey of dreams”

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