Basque Music

Would you like to promote music collaborations in the Basque Country? Are you looking for a Basque partner to promote your music project? Find the works of Basque companies and artists in our directory.

Coordinated by Musika Bulegoa (the Basque Music Office), BASQUE. MUSIC. is the brand for the internationalisation of the Basque Country's music industry, a vehicle to promote Basque music creators, musicians, record companies, management and booking companies in markets and festivals all over the world.

BASQUE. MUSIC. enables music professionals from the Basque Country to participate in international markets, while promoting distribution and news about Basque music projects.

BASQUE. MUSIC. is supported by the Etxepare Basque Institute and the Basque Government, and is part of BASQUE., a brand project that aims to increase the awareness and visibility of the Basque creative, cultural and artistic scene, as well as its cultural and creative industries on an international level. Our aim is to build lasting international relationships and to foster and support exchange and cooperation in the cultural, academic and CCI fields on an international scale.