Electronic, Folk, Pop - Rock

Aitor Etxebarria

Far from the sumptuousness and excesses, the creator of the BSO of the acclaimed documentary "Markak" returns with an album that reaffirms his taste for telling stories. “Nihilism Part 1” (Mute / El Segell) is a collection of 9 songs that are torn between tension, calm and darkness on a disturbing journey towards art-rock. The compositions grow with the collaboration of the guitars of his habitual companion Hannot Mintegia and the voice of Elena Setién ("Little too Soon").

It has been an intense year for Aitor. Immersed in a new film adventure with three Grammy’s winner Evelyn Glennie, and after closing publishing with the London house Mute (Warren Ellis, Certain Ratio, Apparat); Aitor confirms that it is one of the most interesting spanish values of contemporary music, inside and outside of Spain.

Contact: fermin@elsegell.com

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